1. How do I go about becoming a sponsor?
    Visit our Become a Sponsor page. By becoming a sponsor, you’ll not only receive lessons with a world pro and impressive swag, you’ll also be promoted through our website and at the event.
  2. How many people attend a typical Wake Surfing championship?
    For the 2013 Calabogie Wake Surf Championship, we saw approximately 1,000 spectators over the 3 days of the event. Calabogie Lake is breathtaking, it is only an hours drive from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and there are accommodations in the area to suit all budgets, we expect to see hundreds of spectators at the event.
  3. Will the event be broadcast?
    We are currently exploring how to bring the action to the beach, either live ship-to-shore or slightly delayed broadcast.  Either way, one of our priorities this year is to make sure the spectators can get close to the action!