Bri Chmel is the 5x World Wake Surfing Champion for women’s skim.  A rider for both the Victoria Skimboards and Centurion Boats wake surf teams, she is an accomplished professional in wake surfing, kiteboarding, and snowboarding.  Bri will be a featured competitor at the 2013 Calabogie Wake Surf Championship in July and will also be teaching clinics on Calabogie Lake.  Welcome to Calabogie, Bri!

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2007 · 2008 · 2010 · 2011 · 2012   Women’s World Wakesurfing Champion

biggest accomplishments

  • 5x current Women’s World Wakesurfing Champion
  • First female to get the cover of a magazine: The Kiteboarder Magazine (April 2005)
  • 2012 Victoria Skimboards Bri Chmel Pro Model “the Agent”


HOMETOWN    Bellingham, WA
BIRTHDAY        February 14, 1984
HEIGHT             5’1”
WEIGHT            110

RESIDES           Santa Cruz, CA

2002 graduate of Bellingham High School with a GPA of 3.95, accepted into the architecture programs at 4 top universities. One year student at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. One year student at the Art Institute of Portland, OR. Graduated from University of Central Florida in Orlando, FL in 2009 for business marketing and the Professional Selling Program. Have since been in medical sales with Zimmer, Tornier, and currently working in direct sales for Core Essence Orthopaedics, a medical device company.

wakesurfing background

I got sponsored by Centurion Boats in 2006 for the sport of wakeskating. That year I went to BoardStock in Clear Lake, CA for their annual photoshoot, where I first saw wakesurfing at the World Wakesurfing Championships. Which watching the contest, I was convinced that I could win the following year- but first I had to learn how to wakesurf! With the new Centurion boat that I had, I rode every day for the next 12 months. That next year I won every contest, and have won worlds (and every contest entered) ever since.




  • 2012 World Wakesurfing Championships
  • 2012 Tige MyWake Global Wakesurf Challenge
  • 2012 NWWSA NW Wakesurf Open
  • 2012 National Wakesurf Championships
  • 2012 West Coast Wakesurf Open
  • 2011 World Wakesurfing Championships
  • 2010 World Wakesurfing Championships
  • 2010 West Coast Wakesurf Open
  • 2008 World Wakesurfing Championships
  • 2008 National Wakesurf Championships
  • 2008 Texas Wakesurfing Championships
  • 2007 Malibu Octoberfest
  • 2007 World Wakesurfing Championships
  • 2007 National Wakesurf Championships
  • 2007 Lake Tulloch Spring Break Championships


  • 2012 National Wakesurf Championships (Am)
  • 2010 World Wakesurfing Championships (Am)
  • 2008 World Wakesurfing Championships (Pro/Am)


  • President and Founder of the Women’s Wakesurf Association


  • 2012 Allatoona Adventures Bri Chmel Wakesurf Clinic, 7/14-7/15- Canton, GA
  • 2012 Lake Effect Bri Chmel Wakesurf Clinic, 7/23-7/24- Twin Lakes, MI
  • 2012 Boston Boat Show for Centurion Boats, 2/11-2/12- Boston, MA
  • 2012 New England Boat Show for Centurion Boats, 1/14-1/15- Providence, RI
  • 2011 Singleton Marine Group Bri Chmel Wakesurf Clinic, 6/25-6/26- Lake Martin, AL

kiteboarding background

I started kiteboarding when I was very young. My first lesson was in Hood River, OR with New Wind kiteboarding school. At the time I was into snowboarding, and didn’t get serious about kiteboarding until my senior year. The day I graduated high school, I moved to Hood River, OR and Baja Mexico and trained for a year straight. I started winning local contests, and started getting sponsors. At the time there were not very many females that kiteboarded, so I climbed the ladder pretty quickly. I became one of the top marketed female kiteboarders in the world, and had an average of six corporate sponsors at one time. I enjoyed the media side of kiteboarding more than contests, and dedicated my time to photoshoots and travel stories. In April 2005 I became the first female to get the cover of a kiteboarding magazine, in The Kiteboarder Magazine.



other athletic accomplishments

  • Crossfit gym record holder, Certified Level 1 Crossfit coach
  • USASA (USA Snowboard Association) 2000 Nationals- 5th place Boardercross and 6th overall
  • 1998 Olympic Development Soccer- Washington State Team


Extensive Visits to over 30 countries: USA, Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Cuba, England, France, Denmark, Scotland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy 4x, Greece, Australia 3x, Indonesia (Bali 2x, Singapore, Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida), Cook Islands, Fiji, Thailand 6x, Vietnam, Japan, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia, Dominican Republic 5x, Turks and Caicos, British Virgin Islands, Aruba, Curacoa, South Korea

favorite food

Authentic Italian, Creative Sushi, Kasha, Apples, non-processed foods


Stand up paddleboarding in the waves, deep sea fishing on a paddleboard or boat, Bikram yoga, hiking, mountain biking, sewing bikinis, beach walks with Kiwi and her Frisbee, cooking, bargain shopping, dancing, music, basically being a stones’ throw away from the ocean as much as possible.


Everything happens for a reason. All opportunities present themselves at the right time. Take life day by day. Out of every situation you can learn something, whether it is good or bad. Trust the process.