Drew Danielo is the 6x World Wake Surfing Champion.  A rider for both the Phase 5 Boards and Centurion Boats wake surf teams, he is an accomplished professional in wake surfing, wakeskating, and skateboarding.  As a business owner and family man, Drew is living the dream of working and playing in the industry of wake surfing!  Drew will be a featured competitor at the 2013 Calabogie Wake Surf Championship in July and will also be teaching clinics as part of Phase 5’s contribution to the event.  Welcome to Calabogie, Drew!

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Who is Drew Danielo? I am a Florida boy born and raised in Sarasota County. Started skateboarding in 2nd grade with a plastic skateboard from Wal-Mart. Got into football and wrestling in elementary school but learned that Team Sports weren’t for me. Continued skateboarding with the goal to become a pro skateboarder. I started surfing in about 5th grade and really enjoyed it and loved the water. In High School I started skimboarding with my good friend and Zap Skimboards Pro rider Steve Boomhower. It came very natural to me and I caught on quick. I started doing Skim events and was placing very well. I went pro in skimboarding and finished in the top 10 for 4 years. During this period of time I met my wife Nicole. At this same time Bob Smetts from Zap skimboards started Phase 5 wakesurfers. He came to me and said “Hey Drew there is this wakesurf championship thing in California, You wanna go?” So we made plans to be there and headed to Orlando for a day to learn how to wakesurf with Cobe Mikacich. We went off to the contest and I managed to win 1st place in the open division. This was in 2003. Ever since then I have been hooked on wakesurfing and the perfect Wave behind a Centurion Boat. I have since won 6 World Championships wakesurfing, Wakeskated professionally on the Byerly Toe Jam tour and still ride behind a Centurion Boat. I got married to my Beautiful wife Nicole in 2007 and we had our first little boy February 2, 2010. I also opened up a Wakeboard, Skateboard and Skimboard shop called Ollie’s Wake-Skate-Skim in 2007. Now I just ride and spend time with my family and working.

Where did you grow up?
Venice, Fl

2 Brothers Nick and Ben

What are 3 things you point out to someone at a boat show to sell Centurion over a competitor’s boat?
The Reverse Shoe box method that fits the top of the boat to the hull. The pro vision Dash. The amazing wave it produces.

What are your goals?
To win at least 1 more WWSC, and to be the best Dad and Husband for my family.

Centurion, Phase 5, Boardco.com, M&M Watersports, Dunkelvolk, Ollie’s

Most recent results:
3rd At the 2012 WWSC

Biggest accomplishment in your sports:
Won the World Wakesurf Championships 6 times.

Co-Owner of Ollie’s Wake-Skate-Skim

Spending time with my family, Being on a boat.

Fish, Sushi, and selfish people

Chicken, Mac and Cheese, McDonalds Sweet Tea

Beliefs? Outlooks on life?
Live life to fullest and trust in the lord.

Favorite rider and why?
Anyone who rides to have fun. I love meeting new people

2013 Phase 5 Danielo Carbon or 2013 Phase 5 Diamond Danielo

What first inspired you to begin wakesurfing?
Was a professional wakesurfer and was introduced to it through my Sponsor Phase 5.

How often do you get to ride?
Since my son was born once every couple weeks atleast. Priorities change.

Who would you like to thank or give props to?
My Wife Nicole for all her support. My son Ty. God for giving me the life I have and the ability to do what I love and teach others how to enjoy it as well.The crew at Phase 5 and Centurion, Troy and all the boys at boardco.com and all my friends and family.

Never Give up, Never Give in.